KP Away is a dermatologist-developed brand specializing in safe, effective treatments for keratosis pilaris

As a teenager with bright red bumps on the back of my arms, I was embarrassed. I really hated my arms and avoided wearing tank tops. My family’s dermatologist said it would “go away with age.”

Yet after hiding my arms for the next 10 years, the chicken skin—known as keratosis pilaris—was still there. Another dermatologist recommended treating my KP with alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) creams such as AmLactin, Ameliorate, and other products with alpha hydroxy acids.

After years of trying these various keratosis pilaris creams, my skin only felt worse, and looked not one bit better. The burning and stinging were the worst!

However, as a practicing dermatologist at a Boston-area hospital, I knew there must be a better way to treat keratosis pilaris. I dedicated two years to researching and developing my own product—one that would actually help soothe the red, rough bumps and feel good on your skin, without any of the stinging.

What we learned is that the high acidity of many KP lotions and creams doesn’t help. In fact, by exfoliating skin and destroying keratin, these acid-based treatments makes keratosis pilaris worse.

Our solution is KP Away, the only cream for keratosis pilaris-prone skin that is free of harsh acids and exfoliators. And I’ve seen the results myself: After using our cream for 6 months, my arms finally looked like the rest of my skin.


KP Away keratosis pilaris lotion