Hi! I’m Anar, the founder of KP Away. As a practicing dermatologist with keratosis pilaris-prone skin, I know just how uncomfortable and embarrassing the rough and sometimes itchy bumps of KP can be. 

As a teenager, I did everything I could to hide the red bumps on the backs of my arms, avoiding T-shirts and tank tops at all costs, even in the summer heat. I tried every treatment my dermatologist recommended, but none made a difference—and they often left my skin stinging thanks to the high concentration of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) included. 

More than a decade later, armed with a board certification in dermatology, I’m now the one patients turn to for help figuring out how to treat KP. Despite new research, clinical approaches and therapies have not evolved beyond the old, not-so-effective methods from my childhood. That’s why I set out to develop new solutions that would be gentle and effective. I want to provide my patients (and myself!) with real, sustainable relief for KP-prone skin. No more long-sleeve shirts in the summer. 

I’ve poured the latest research, clinical insights, and my personal experience into each and every KP Away formula. And, because I wanted to create products that my whole family could share—even the littlest ones—I’ve committed to using only safe, purposeful ingredients, and nothing more. The result is targeted skincare for KP without the harsh acids. 

KP Away products have given me the confidence that comes with smoother skin. I hope they’ll do the same for you.  

Anar Mikailov, MD FAAD
Harvard-Trained Board-Certified Dermatologist